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The high artistic quality of the echo harmonica and the damage of the bending to the reed
Dec 22, 2017

When the echo harmonica is used, it can play with high artistry. Skilled players can create various effects by changing the sound of the reed and the pressure of the airflow. The echo harmonica is often used in blues and country folk music, and also can be used in the rock music.
Now with the advent of the overblow technology of the chromatic harmonica and 10-hole harmonica, the harmonica can also play classical music and some jazz music. The vocal part of the harmonica is fixed on the reed plate.
The reed of the echo harmonica is usually very small and may be incorrectly pronounced due to small attachments.The maintenance of the harmonica, to a large extent, is to protect the cleanness of these reeds.

Don 't eat when playing the echo harmonica. Don 't drink beverages with high viscosity or high alcohol before playing harmonica. Usually rinse your mouth and it is best to brush your teeth before playing . After playing,  water vapor should be discharged from the mouthpiece.
The echo harmonica needs to be put in a dry place after playing. It is best not to share the harmonica with others. The bending does not cause much damage to the reed, but the wrong breath at the beginning may cause the spring to break.
Do not use too much force to avoid damaging or inflexion of the reed. Do not use chemical volatile reagents to wipe the harmonica, otherwise it is easy to become deformed. Don 't put foreign matters in the mouthpiece, which is easy to cause failure and damage.

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