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The difference between harmonic F and C harmonica
Jan 13, 2018

There are many types of harmonica, the tone is different, but whether it is polyphonic harmonica, blues harmonica or chromatic harmonica, solo harmonica, a harmonica, only a fixed tone. In addition to the Harmonic F, there are C, # C, D, # D, E, # F, G, # G, A, # A, B etc. Divided into 12 major.
Under normal circumstances, if a song's notation is A note, we use A harmonica to play. In other words, F tune harmonica is played F tune songs, and on the Harmonica tune, are generally marked on the piano or copper, in order to facilitate the user to distinguish.
In contrast, the C harmonic F harmonic have a different pitch, and the overall pitch F tone is higher than C tone. F tune harmonica, the fourth hole blowing sound is fa, is its vocalist. The C harmonica, the fourth hole blow is do, the fifth hole sound absorption is fa, F harmonic harmonica is the same four-hole sound.

10 hole diatonic harmonica .JPG

Therefore, in the actual selection of the harmonica, if it is a novice, then choose to tune the harmonica C, because the pitch of C tune better grasp the pitch, from the simple scale began to blow, easy to distinguish. F adjustable harmonica, low tone is not easy to blow, and expensive, it is not suitable for novices.
After the selection, the initial study no longer need to consider too much tonality. And other skilled playing skills, you can try other harmonica harmonica. General real harmonica lovers will collect all the toning harmonica in order to play different songs.

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