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The d diatonic harmonica playing position and its cooperation with the instrument
Feb 08, 2018

The D diatonic harmonica is actually what we call ten holes harmonica, it contains two reeds in each hole, so it can produce two tones, inspiratory is a tone, inflatable is a tone. It is through these holes in the diatonic harmonica that we can blow out different styles of music such as blues, rock and jazz.


The D diatonic harmonica is divided into 12 different chords. The major chords vary from A to G, including their ascending or descending notes, but the diatonic harmonica differs greatly from each other in tone but different in pitch . So long as learned some harmonica, basically will blow all transfers.


Different tune diatonic harmonica with different instruments, can have different effects, such as A, G, D play for guitar fit playing; and F, G adapted to play the keyboard; Bb, F and Eb adjust the blow Playing or blowing; D #, B, F #, C # and G # are used in some other adapter.


Some people like to clip and diatonic harmonica harmonica, in fact, the best way is to use the left hand to hold the piano, and the hole marked "1" on the side close to the tiger's mouth and thumb and index finger grip. Note that there should be no obvious gap between the hand and the harmonica.


Hand holding the piano, the piano 10 holes should be exposed between the hands, do not be covered with fingers, so as not to play some sound inconvenient. At the same time, do not use harp hands harder so as not to blow your hand for a while. Then the upper lip "ride" on the reed above, the lower lip "ride" on the following reed, the correct posture is the basis for playing diatonic harmonica.

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