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The correct posture of using the alto recorder
Nov 02, 2017

As early as the 19th century, the alto recorder has become a very popular musical instrument. When playing this kind of musical instrument, its tone quality is as gentle as a flute. Compared with other musical instruments, the alto recorder is not only easier to play, but also can play a lot of beautiful tunes.
For this reason, the alto recorder has become the first musical instrument that many children have on their musical road. So do you know how to play the alto recorder? Here we will introduce the content ,hoping to provide some reference.
If you are a beginner, then we should first choose a alto recorder that we prefer. At present, there are two types of products sold in the market, one is plastic, and the other one is the more expensive wooden alto recorder.

flute vs clarinet.jpg

In contrast, the sound quality of the wooden alto recorder is better, but its price is slightly more expensive and more difficult to care. After getting the alto recorder,  we can see that it is divided into three parts, and then we have to assemble it as required. The part with a mouthpiece is the top, the part with a hole is the middle, and the part with a bell is the bottom.
Remember, when assembling, the action must be gentle without overexerting. Then we'll learn how to hold the alto recorder. At this time, we should first pick the recorder and put it to the mouth. Noted that it should be gently placed between the lips, and hold stable with fingers.
What needs to be reminded is that when you pick up the alto recorder, you should put your left hand on the top, and the side with a small hole should be back to you. When you are playing it, take care not to bite the mouthpiece, or let it touch your teeth.

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