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The correct performing position of the 27-key melodica
Dec 01, 2017

Like other melodica, the overall structure of the 27-key melodica is also composed of the body and the blowing nozzle. The body mainly includes keyboard, shell, jack, belt, pronunciation hole and drainage hole. The blowing nozzle includes two types, one is a soft long tube, which is mainly used for sitting play. The other is the hard short tube, which is used for standing play. Next, I will share the correct playing position of the 27-key melodica with you.
In fact, when playing the 27-key melodica, you can choose the standing way or sitting way play. However, when playing, the center of gravity should be kept between legs, the waist should be straight, and the chest should be relaxed. In this position, the performer needs to use the left hand to hold the melodica, the right hand presses the key, and the lips aim the mouthpiece slightly.

If you are playing the 27-key melodica in a sitting position, you need to select a suitable chair and not to sit with your legs crossed. And the head must not droop. There is one advantage of using this posture to play, that is the performer can see each key. Usually, in the course of playing, put the melodica on the knees, use the right hand to press keys, or both hands can play the melodica at the same time.

It should be noted that, regardless of the position used, in the course of the performance, the performer's left hand and the right hand wrist should be as relaxed as possible, each joint of the fingers should be arched outward, five fingers naturally and loosely attached to the 27-key melodica keyboard. Usually the middle finger, index finger, ring finger should be put in the two-thirds of the white key position, and need to put the thumb and little finger naturally on the corresponding position on the key.

In order to ensure the performance, in the entire process, the performer's wrist and palm can not shake, the height each finger raised should be right. Usually, when playing the 27-key melodica, the  key-press force of the finger should be appropriate, not too heavy.

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