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The characteristics and use of the melodica
Nov 16, 2017

The characteristics of the melodica is easy to blow and learn, with a keyboard. It can play any tune. The melodica can be used without the blow pipe. Left hand hold the melodica and right hand play. Directly blow in the mouthpiece. Or put the melodica on the table and play it by right hand.

The material of the melodica mouthpiece generally uses the non-toxic ABS plastic, which can improve environmental protection and hygiene. The basic learning sequence starts with the 1, 2, 3 of C, and gradually joins the 56, then joins 4 and 7, then adds the bass.

27 key Melodica.JPG

The melodica should pay special attention to the use of reasonable fingering in teaching. The melody in the textbook is not likely to mark the fingering. The teaching should be detailed to indicate the fingering, the best can gradually teach the students to self-make fingering. The teaching must always pay attention to the correct hand and uniform breath.Don’t blow it strongly, the gas will run out, and the excessive use of gas can easily damage the reed.

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