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The characteristics and the pronunciation principle of the C diatonic harmonica
Apr 02, 2018

Some harmonica can play the whole sound and the half tone, but it is a kind of combined harmonica. There are 2 playing surfaces. It is more complicated to play the common harmonica than to play the common harmonica. For this purpose, we developed a C tone scale harmonica.


This C tone diatonic harmonica is characterized by its ability to adjust and tune arbitrarily in 12 rhythms and do not change the direction of the blow. In any tune, "1, 3, 5" are blown, "2, 4, 6, 7" are sucked, and can play the lifting and lifting half sound; it can play the same way as the ordinary harmonica, to carry on the sound of the sound, the chord and the 8 degrees and the sound.


That is to say, the C diatonic harmonica can not only realize the reed spring of the ordinary harmonica "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7", but also on this basis, add the music spring of "1 (B2), B3, 4 (B6), 5 (B6), and 6 (B7)" and become complete rhythms.


It can be seen that each sound is installed on the same sound cavity of the C full scale harmonica plate. 2 pieces of 4 homophones are made by the spring and the spring; each of the reed air and the spring intake of each sound has 1 sound holes covering the airflow passage, and the 1 tone spoons are used to adjust and open the adjusted 3 spring and 4 sonic holes.


In the C tone diatonic harmonica, the A and B two in the tone cavity of the TG has a long and slender shaft that can be rotated. The slender section of each sound cavity is fitted with 1 reeds on the slender shaft, and then the reed and the spring can be set by the reed at the same time by a slight rotation of the slender shaft to only make the single piece of the spring.

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