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The breath requirements and breathing patterns of the diatonic harmonica F
Mar 31, 2018

In the process of playing, there are two ways to breathe in the tone of the F, which are breathing in chest and breathing in the abdomen. When the former breath, your shoulders will go up, the breath is very shallow, and the abdomen is almost motionless.

Diatonic harmonica F used the adult respiratory general is Xiongshihuxi, another is the abdominal breathing, abdominal breathing will swell, shoulders and chest almost no movement, known as deep breath, feel equal to about you in the smell of a flower feeling.

Diatonic harmonica F if using the abdominal breathing, which can ensure the long and steady your breath, beginning may not be used, even stars, for a long time is good. Inhale when gas flows into the abdomen, feeling breath sinking, diaphragmatic expansion, abdominal bulge, and exhale on the contrary, at the same time to learn to use the nose breathing to control breathing capacity.

Diatonic harmonica F tune in the play when the breath should be uniform and stable, not intermittent or strong when weak, this is the common problem of breathing, more practice. Must remember not to be lazy and casual, the breath is the weight of the heavy!

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