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The basic knowledge of the 10 holes harmonica
Nov 30, 2017

I believe that many friends like the 10 holes harmonica, so in the actual learning of this instrument, is it easy to start? In fact, the 10 holes harmonica belongs to a relatively simple instrument. This harmonica does not have bass 4, bass 6 and treble 7, so when playing these three sounds, you need to use a technique called " bending" to play it.

So in the process of learning, for many beginners, the bending has become a more difficult problem. However, when learning the 10 holes harmonica to reach a certain level, the bending will become a subconscious action. When mastering this skill, it can also be used in the timbre control, tremolo and other decorative techniques. In short, if you want to play well, you need to work hard to practice.

So, when playing, what kind of song is this kind of harmonica suitable for? This is also a problem that many friends are concerned about. In fact, the problem is related to the technology of the piper. However, in general, the 10 holes harmonica is suitable for playing the blues, some popular songs and folk songs. In addition, in the aspect of expressive force, this kind of harmonica has obvious advantages. This is why there are many people is fond of it.
best blues harmonica.jpgIn fact, after mastering some skills, the tone of the 10 holes harmonica is also very abundant. Currently, it has been widely used in animation, studio entertainment and pop underscore. Moreover, because of its own structural characteristics, it is also convenient to carry.

In contrast, the 10 holes harmonica itself has a good imitative ability. There is some melancholy colouration in its beauty, combined with unique bending techniques to make it very distinctive, so it is especially suitable for styles such as blues, rock, country, folk, jazz and so on. Therefore, many friends who like music can play the guitar,and 10 holes harmonica at the same time!

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