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The artistic and structural requirements of harmonica playing
Aug 29, 2017

Harmonica is a multi-reed instruments sounds by vibrating reed when the player uses their mouth to blow or inhale, it belongs to a free reed wind instrument on the instrument classification. The source of the sound is a reed with a length of 1.5 to 3.5cm rather than an air column.

The harmonica is mainly divided into solo harmonica and ensemble harmonica, each of which has different kinds. Its range varies slightly according to its type and tonality, as a melodic instrument, the harmonica can play at least two chords, on the premise that the harmonica follows the structure of the harmonica, the high level musician can blow out two relatively independent voices at the same time. Because of its small size, it is called "pocket piano."

Each small hole in the harmonica is fitted with a pair of reeds. The player makes a note when he exhales and sends another note when he is breathing. A diatonic harmonica is equipped with two pairs of reeds in each hole, 4 different tones are issued by pressing the button with the breathing; in each tremolo harmonica, the adjacent upper and lower two squares have the same pitch, tremolo harmonica play different music by changing the blowing hole.

best blues harmonica.jpg

The best blue harmonica

The performance of the harmonica can be highly artistic to some extent, a skilled performer can make a variety of effects by varying the pronunciation of the reed and the pressure of the air stream. The harmonica is mostly used in blues and country folk, and also in rock music. With the advent of super blowing technology of chromatic harmonica and 10hole harmonica, harmonica can also play classical music and some jazz music.

The reeds in harmonica are usually very small, so some small attachments can cause the reeds to be out of tune. When you maintain the harmonica, to a great extent, you are protecting the cleaning of these reeds. When you play the harmonica, don't eat anything, and don't drink high viscosity, high alcohol drinks before playing the harmonica.

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