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The advantages and performance of the 32 key melodoca
Sep 05, 2017

The 32 key melodica has more keys than the 27 key melodica, but the difference is not very great in other respects. As a reed playing keyboard instrument, the 32 key melodica has the characteristics of both a wind instrument and a keyboard instrument. It is not only easy to master, but also has a unique and beautiful tone, which can satisfy different performances such as solo, duet, ensemble and accompaniment.

The pronunciation principle of the 32 key melodica is similar to that of the harmonica and the accordion, and the keyboard arrangement is the same as that of the accordion, Therefore, as long as you master the law, you can easily play a beautiful tone. Normally, the 32 key melodica has two different playing positions, the sit-playing and the stand-playing.


                                                                 27 Keys Melodica

Sit-playing style: lay the 32 button organ flat on the table; then blow the mouth in front of the long blow tube with your left hand and play with your right hand on the keyboard. But requires the body must be correct, otherwise not only unsightly, but also affect the 32 keys melodica play effect.

The stand-playing is asked to play the staff with short pipe while the left hand holding the melodica and the right hand play the keyboard; at the same time, the body tilted about 45 degrees.

Based on past experience of playing, whether it is sit-playing or stand-playing, pay attention not to keep much blowing nozzle in mouth.

Because of the many advantages of the 32 key organ, people in all walks of life enjoy it besides the primary and middle school students. Now, it is not only one of the musical instruments in school music teaching, but also moving from school to society, it is becoming an important tool for students, soldiers, workers, farmers, businessmen and other people from all walks of life to cultivate their temperament and enrich their leisure life.

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