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The advantages and disadvantages of the tremolo harmonica
Oct 09, 2017

Usually, the common tremolo harmonica is mainly divided into 16 to 28 holes, among them, the most common in China is 24hole harmonica.

From the structure can be seen, the tremolo harmonica hole is on the two row of the way. Therefore, in the course of our performance, the two reeds at the top and bottom of the same hole will simultaneously produce sound. Because the vibration frequency of two reeds is different, as a result, periodic changes occur when the sound is expressed, which is the so-called "tremolo"


Compared with other types of harmonica, the main advantage of tremolo harmonica is the simple structure, and low demand for complicated skills when using. With the development of the market, its types are becoming more and more abundant, not only tonal complete, the timbre is clear and sonorous, and the volume is big, and has the very strong penetrating power, especially suits the eastern classical music the style.

In fact, the tremolo harmonica domestic development history is relatively long, therefore, the production technology has been very mature. And it can be well suited to domestic use needs, in this country has a huge population of users. In addition, the harmonica extended from tremolo harmonica such as stress harmonica, echo harmonica, big tenor harmonica, bass harmonica is a strong complement to music play, all these based on playing of tremolo harmonica.

In comparison, in the beginning stages of learning, the tremolo harmonica can be said to be the most ideal choice. But for beginners, it is not only simple, but very practical, which are the reasons why so many people are interested in the tremolo harmonica.

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