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Ten hole harmonica practical skills
Jun 26, 2018

1: Pick up one or two sentences from the good tunes you hear every day. After one year, your short sentences will accumulate.


2: High-keyed piano effort, low-key piano charges, each one can buy a full range of exercise your strength and strength.


3: The ten-tone monophony will change with the small changes of the breath. It is necessary to understand this change and control the change.



4: Tones and pressures are a part of daily practice and never-ending skills.


5: There are more things to listen to and things that are blown will increase.


6: First promote the technology to a certain level, just to talk about integration.


7: The effect of pressure and over blowing is to complete all 12 octaves, grasping the transfer as soon as it is convenient to grasp.


8: The basic things are perfect, and you can practice the song quickly.


9: Learn to record, listen to what you recorded, find your flaws, and improve.


10: The harmonica is free, so don't be restricted when playing.

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