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The teaching requirements of the 32 key melodica and the combination of dance rhythms
Dec 05, 2017

The core and foundation of music teaching is auditory training, the sound listened by ear, the 32 key melodica listening and voice process used in the teaching process, the students listen, some students can immediately use the lyre, students listen when playing music, inspired by contrast method in contrast, rhythm, strength, tone change and form change.


The process of teaching the 32 - key melodica has no identification without comparison, it will produce a variety of feeling, it will arouse students' perception of music, piano and listening to the students to use the combination, soon feel the melody of the characteristics of each sentence in turn off the sound down, down 2 1 6 5, full of sadness, with slow speed, vividly depicts a rural social old innocent and lovely helpless poor girl in the image.

If the 32 key melodica and dance rhythm combination, which is conducive to the completion of the music teaching to a certain extent, it can improve the students' learning interest in a certain extent, exercise the performances of the students in the lower grades, so teaching students to create activities for, let the students according to the music of the song content and arranged their own actions, their singing, playing, jumping from, encourage them to imagine, positive thinking, creating action.

32 key melodica playing not only in the form of creating beauty, but in the heart feel the beauty. In the teaching, and guide students in listening, singing, playing music, art image capture in motion, in order to promote mutual and complementary role, the students feel the mouth organ performance is very rich thus, more love mouth organ.

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