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Soprano recorder playing skills
Mar 16, 2018

there are only eight holes in this Soprano recorder, fingering becomes more complicated when playing a distant relationship. Therefore, we need to practice more and grasp the operation skills of the fingering as soon as possible.


First of all, The so-called single vomiting refers to using the tip of the tongue to press against the upper teeth and gently flush the tip of the tongue with the breath. After the voice is issued, the tip of the tongue is elastically returned to its original position. At this time, the tip of the tongue resembles a ventilation valve. Making it sound is like a "deep" sound.


For the Soprano recorder, six holes and eight holes are not the same as the holes held when blowing. Usually, when blowing eight holes, most parts of the sound must be held down, and in the teaching of the eight-hole clarinet, first of all, it is necessary to train the students to perform the correct posture, which is very necessary to develop a good playing habit.


bb clarinet.jpg

In general, the correct posture for playing the treble straight flute is: the body is sitting upright, the eyes are flat, and the shoulders are naturally relaxed. Put the mouth of the mouthpiece at the mouth of the mouthpiece so that it is not too deep. The left hand is on the upper hand and the right hand is on the lower hand, and the thumb of the left hand seals the back hole of the clarinet—also called the sonic hole or zero hole.


Remember that in the process of performance, the performer must not only pay attention to sitting position, but also put his fingers in place. For example, the left, right, second, third, and fourth fingers block the 1,2, and 3 holes of the clarinet. Pay attention to the left hand's little finger naturally stopping at the top of the treble straight flute, and do not place it on the underside of the clarinet so as not to affect the left hand. , three, four fingers flexibility.

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