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Red 37 Key Melodica with case characteristics and playing posture
Feb 03, 2018

Red 37 Key Melodica with case is a kind of small-sized, good-sounding keyboard-style wind instrument, which not only keeps the characteristics of the keyboard instrument, but also has the characteristics of playing the instrument; plus it is cheap, easy to carry, easy to learn Easy to palm, so become a favorite and learning instrument for different people.

As a playable keyboard instrument, the 37 Key Melodica with case is easy to use and is suitable for students to accept and therefore introduce the organ into the classroom. It not only enriches the content of music teaching, adjusts the atmosphere of the classroom, expands the students' horizons of music, enhances students' interest in learning music, but also promotes the cultivation of students' comprehensive music quality.

Compared with other instruments, the 37 Key Melodica is characterized by its easy-to-learn and easy-to-learn keyboard and any tune that makes it easy to play and helps in learning and mastering the basics of music. It can stimulate the multi-directional development of students' thinking and promote the coordinated development of various organs such as eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet.

Red 37 Key Melodica with case also has a variety of different forms of performance, you can solo, unison, lead, ensemble, playing 37-key organ when the posture is very important, it will be directly related to the performance and comfort of the human body .

Place the 37-key organ flat on the table, hold the torch in your left hand and keep your upper body back straight. You can not bend over. Then place the mouthpiece on the outside of your teeth and close your lips so you can sit and play. Place your hand on the keyboard with the hand of the harp, with the elbows and keyboard at the same level or slightly above the keyboard. In short, timely adjustments to the body relaxed and comfortable, conducive to playing the piano as a guideline.

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