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Operational gestures and technical requirements for solo tuned chromatic harmonica
Jul 23, 2018

The solo tuned chromatic harmonica will be relatively easy to use when operating, plus a wide range of chromatic harmonica harmonics, the 16-hole chromatic harmonica can emit up to 64 sounds, playing all the pure semitones, and the sound is pure. With more practice, a chromatic harmonica can play all the tunes. Suitable for playing a variety of music. So choosing a chromatic harmonica as a starting point for vocal knowledge is a good choice.


To play a chromatic harmonica, learn the gesture of catching the harmonica. Secondly, learn to play the monophonic sound. The skillful playing single is the basis for blowing a complete song. And blowing a single tone is the top priority for harmonica entry. Monophonic playing is not technically difficult, as long as you practice every day, you can make a difference.


Solo tuned chromatic harmonica needs to practice half an hour every day for example. The remaining ten minutes of practicing monophonic play, such as 1357246, 1324657, etc., can be played in this way for up to two weeks, such as "Jasmine" "Ireland" Simple songs like Thrush. Then practice the high and low sounds as before, pay attention to the mouth shape and breath, you can bring the headphones to record the sound, so you can gradually correct your own volume.


After learning to play a single tone, the solo tuned chromatic harmonica should learn how to play the complete song. First, be familiar with the mono sequence of the song. Don’t pursue the consistency of the song first, and give up the accuracy of each tone of the song and pursue consistency. It is not wise to look at it from a development perspective. Try to make every sound play accurately, and then gradually adjust the time and volume of each sound.


The solo tuned chromatic harmonica can be advanced after learning to play simple songs. For example, do wah sound by hand, hand vibrato. Or gently pat the harmonica cover with your hand to play the accompaniment, but this is an advanced step on the basis of the skill you have already mastered, otherwise it will be half the battle


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