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Monophonic vocal and inhalation sounds of solo harmonica
Apr 04, 2018

In the process of using the solo harmonica, the copper angle harmonica will have the strength of a bass harmonica and the length of a harmonica harmonica to a certain extent. Under normal circumstances, the copper harmonica in a solo harmonica is divided into a treble copper angle and a medium. Copper tone harmonica.

When the solo harmonica is in operation, its single gong produces sound. When it is in use, only the blowing sound and the inhaling sound are not. To a certain extent, the piano can be effectively divided into two rows. The upper row of holes corresponds to the black keys of the piano. The lower row of holes is equivalent to the white keys of the piano. The tubular cover and the wooden body of the wooden box create a sound like wood or French.

Blues Harps Solist    .jpg

The solo harmonica in the solo harmonica is a single-hole sound. To a certain extent, it is quite compatible with the chromatic harmonica. To a certain extent, the sound is thick and thick, and it is appropriate to play the second or third part in the ensemble. In previous harmonica ensemble scores, midrange vocal parts were mostly harmonized, followed by accent or chord vocal parts, and rarely given a main melody.

There are two types of treble harmonica: high-pitched and mid-tone flute. This is a large mono harmonica, and only the sound of the sound is not sound-absorbing. Its tone sounds good. Just because of the large area, the distance between the sound holes is far away, and it is difficult to make big leaps.

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