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Matters need attention and echo effect of the children's harmonica
Oct 17, 2017

The children's harmonica can be used in ensemble or as a tremolo harmonica specially for some pieces of music, with a barrel - shaped cover plate that makes it have a special echo effect. Its internal structure is the same as the tremolo harmonica, the difference is the cover plate outside. The outer cover plate of the echo harmonica is very big and wide. The bottom is sealed and two ends of the mouth are open, so as long as one end is stemmed, and then fan the other end to produce a special effect like echo. The tamber is beautiful and unique.
The reeds of the children's harmonica are usually very small, so some small appendages can cause these reeds to pronounce incorrectly. Maintenance of the harmonica, to a large extent, is to protect the cleaning of these reeds. harmonica for kids  .jpg

In the playing process of the children's harmonica, the executant can't eat anything. Before playing, do not drink the beverage with high viscosity and high alcohol. Before playing, it is necessary to gargle and better brush teeth. After playing, the water vapor will be gently patted from the blow holes.
After playing, place the harmonica in a dry place ( in the harmonica box ), preferably not to share a harmonica with others. The pressure tone does not damage the reed too much, but the wrong breath may cause the spring break when beginning to learn .Don't blow too hard to avoid the damage or the inflexion of the reeds.
In the use process, do not use chemical volatile reagents to wipe the harmonica, otherwise it will become deformed easily. The foreign body can't be put into the mouthpiece because it is easy to cause failure and damage. The interval is greatly reduced before the reed is broken. If there is the case, please discontinue use immediately.

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