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Maintenance of the harmonica
Aug 21, 2017

First of all, it should be known that the vocal part of the harmonica is the Reed (Reed) that is fixed on the reed Plate (plate). In the Blues harmonica, these reeds are usually very small, so some small attachments can cause the reed to pronounce well, maintain the harmonica, and to a large extent protect the reeds.

Here are some tips for maintaining the harmonica.

1 do not eat when playing harmonica;

2 Do not drink high viscosity, high alcohol beverage before playing harmonica;

3 to Gargle before playing, it is best to brush teeth;

4) After playing the blow hole (comb) in the saliva gently pat;

5 after playing the harmonica in the Dry place (harmonica box);

6 to pay attention to the place where love is stored, because the harmonica is very small, otherwise it is easy to find;

7 It is best not to share a harmonica with others;

8) The pressure tone (bending) on the reed is not much damage, but the beginner's wrong breath may lead to break spring.

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