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Learn the benefits of music by playing the harmonica
Aug 21, 2017

The harmonica is a kind of musical instrument of the reed pronunciation, the sound is pleasing to the ear, at the same time has the good affinity. The harmonica common playing form has the solo, the quintet, the ensemble and so on. Sometimes the harmonica also acts as accompaniment in singing, when it can make perfect harmony with any kind of voice. When the harmonica and the western Orchestra are combined, they also receive a harmonious ensemble effect (but pay attention to the balance of the volume). Therefore, the harmonica is popular all over the world.

Harmonica not only adults can play, but also be loved by children. In the music teaching of primary and middle schools, it is common in developed countries to carry out instrumental teaching. In some countries, primary and secondary schools have set up compulsory courses or elective courses in various musical instruments, as well as packages and teaching methods. In our country, instrumental music teaching has also begun to pay attention to, as a teaching means, harmonica teaching has also been part of the compilation of human musical materials. It is gratifying that many schools in the country music teachers, in the teaching of the harmonica actively explored and tried, and achieved certain results.

Practice has shown that there are many advantages to learning music by playing harmonica:

1. Harmonica playing is a kind of multi-directional thinking activity, it is coordinated by the eyes, ears, mouth, hand and other organs, so that the function of the left and right two hemispheres of the brain are simultaneously exercised, thus coordinating development.

2. The ability to reproduce musical works can be expanded by playing the harmonica. In the music performance, sings, plays each occupies the important status, if only studies sings may limit the reappearance music work expressive force the exertion. By studying instrumental music, such as harmonica playing, it can enlarge the scope of contact and deepen the comprehension and performance of music works.

3. Harmonica playing can promote the transfer of knowledge. Through harmonica playing, deepen the understanding of music theory knowledge, improve the visual play, Solfeggio, accompaniment and other musical performance ability. In the sense of hearing through the ensemble can effectively establish the "multi-Voice" and "Harmony" concept.

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