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Learn Blues Harp Harmonica
Jul 02, 2018

Harmonica as a small instrument can be used for accompaniment in almost all styles of music. Although beginners may find it difficult, the harmonica is actually a very simple and interesting instrument. The following steps will teach you how to play the blues harp harmonica.


There are many kinds of harmonica, and their price and use are different. The blues harp harmonica is one of them. It can be used to play most popular music. It is tuned to a specific tone and cannot be changed. It is relatively simple to play. .


The Blues Harp Harmonica is a brass reed instrument that emits different tones by blowing air from a round hole. The reed is fixed to a metal plate, usually copper. The mouthpiece of the harmonica is usually attached to the comb, and the “cover” is used to cover the rest.


When you blow or inhale, the reed emits a different tone. When you blow it, it adjusts to C, then the inhalation is a G tone. The holes are perfectly matched to each other and do not require additional holes. In addition to understanding the blues harp harmonica, we must learn to see the harmonica's score.


In general, the breathing pattern when playing a blue harmonica harp is indicated by an arrow, ↑ represents blowing, and ↓ represents exhalation. The holes on most diatonic harmonicas produce two fixed proportions of "adjacent" notes; the holes are represented by numbers and gradually rise from the left hand side. More advanced techniques are represented by slashes or other symbols, diagonal slashes on the arrow indicate the need for portamento.

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