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Introduce the classification of musical instruments industry in China
Aug 21, 2017

Class Code:
243 Instrument Manufacturing:
Refers to the Chinese national musical instruments, musical instruments and other musical instruments and accessories and ancillary products, but does not include the manufacture of toy instruments.
Small Class Code:
2431 Instrument Manufacturing:
--Chinese music stringed instruments: Jinghu, erhu, Banhu and so on;
--Zhong le plucked: Sanxian, pipa, Yueqin, Liuqin, guzheng, etc.
--Zhong le wind instruments: flute, flute, Sheng, suona, etc.
--percussion percussion instrument: drum, sound brass instruments, etc.
--Chinese minority musical instruments.
2432 West Musical instrument manufacturing
--Western stringed instrument: violin, guitar, etc.
--West Wind instruments: various numbers, tube and other brass instruments, French horn, sax, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flute and other woodwind instruments;
--Siloso percussion instrument: Team drums, snare, timpani, hanging cymbals, color cymbals, xylophone, sand hammer, etc.
--Siloso Keyboard: piano, organ, accordion, etc.
Other Western instruments: harmonica, harp, etc.
Does not include:
--Electronic organ, electric piano, electric guitar and other instruments manufacturing, included in 2433 (instruments manufacturing).
2433 Instruments Manufacturing
--Electronic organ, piano, electric guitar, etc.
--the production of other electro-acoustic instruments.
2439 other instruments and parts manufacturing: the manufacture of other instruments, musical instruments and accessory products that are not specified.
--Other musical instruments: box, hand organ, whistle, horn, mechanical songbirds, etc.
--Box mechanical device;
--Instrument Accessories: School audio, intonation, metronome, tuning fork, tuning tube, etc.
--a variety of musical instruments and ancillary products: string line, bow, erhu bow, pronunciation film, Sound reed, Whistle, keys, piano feet, dial the piano accessories and so on.

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