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How to self-learn 10 hole blues harmonica
Aug 10, 2018

I believe that the majority of harmonica lovers are eager to master the harmonica skills of the harmonica through their own efforts. The 10-hole blues harmonica is a commonly used harmonica. When learning, we can also master the skills through self-study. Let's take a look at the basic steps below.


First of all, we should try to understand the sound of the 10 holes of the 10-hole blues harmonica, and gradually practice the monophonic breath, to blow out a more full and stable tone. Usually you can practice the middle 4, 5, 6, and 7 holes, then the treble part, and the last part of the bass. You can select some simple songs to practice. When there is no problem with the single tone and there is a certain feeling, you can practice some blowing skills, hand vibrato, hand wah, voicing, gliding, glide, etc.


One of the important skills to master is the pressure. It is recommended that we practice the 6 holes at this time and then practice the pressure of the 4 and 5 holes. It is very easy to practice the pressure of the 3 holes. The pressure of the 3 holes will take longer and harder to practice. Of course, in the process of practicing the 10-hole blues harmonica, you also need to watch a lot of videos, tracks and so on to constantly enhance your level. So after practicing the previous tracks, you can try some of the higher level tricks.

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