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How to really learn to solo tutor harmonica
Jul 04, 2018

To really learn to solo to tune the harmonica, the first thing to practice is to make a sound, choose a hole, or a set of holes, then blow it gently. The hole near it will automatically match the sound; at the same time practice the transition between blowing a hole and several holes.


The second is to learn to change the tone by inhaling. Let the air flow gently through the reed. The inhalation can make each syllable one step higher. Through the cooperation of blowing and inhaling, all the syllables are adjusted. Then try to blow a scale, repeating it, but sometimes you can tune the harmonica to play other scales by solo, as long as they don't need the syllables that can't be blown out.


Repeated practice of scales and individual syllables is also the key to mastering solo tuning harmonica skills. Once you have achieved this control, you can choose some simple songs to practice. Try to blow a lot of syllables at a time. Exercise a little loose control. Blow two or three adjacent holes at a time, and add two or three syllable chords to the song. This will help you further improve your lips and breath. Control also makes the songs better.

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