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How to play a monophonic of 10-hole harmonica
Jul 14, 2018

Gather the lips into a small O-shape that is the size of a harmonic hole in the harmonica.

Now play the twenty tones of the C harmonica as shown below. If the number of sound holes appears in the circular frame, then the sound is an inspiratory sound; a number without a round frame indicates that the sound is a blowing sound. Starting from the lowest sound hole (ie, sound hole 1), gently blow each sound hole in turn. Be sure to gently affix the wet side of your lips to the upper and lower covers of the harmonica


If any of the sounds are boring, murmurous or inaccurate, you can adjust the position of the lips on the harmonica or re-gather your lips to form a small O-shape. If you are having difficulty practicing the inspiratory sound of the second sound hole, don't worry, because the third sound hole can also make the same sound. The harmonica manufacturer has slightly changed the inhalation phonograph in the second sound hole in order to play the sound.

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