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How to choose the Harmonica for beginners
Aug 21, 2017

It is recommended that beginners use polyphonic harmonica as an entry-level instrument, and the novice can not know much about the method of choosing the harmonica, and the business of selling harmonica is sometimes not well understood and Sanbuzhi. Here are some of the tips to buy harmonica, for the Piano friends reference.

There are four points to note when buying polyphonic harmonica:

24-hole or 21-hole
The best quality
Thin thickness
Material selection Plastic

When we buy polyphonic, there are a few points that you have to know, the first is the range of the harmonica. If your harmonica technology wants to learn to be modular, it is strongly recommended that you use a 24-hole or 21-hole harmonica as a starter, and other 16-hole harmonica, to learn, there may be some obstacles.

This is the purchase of anything should pay attention to, but how do I know the quality of the harmonica and how to distinguish it? Generally in the purchase of harmonica, in principle can not try to blow, how can you buy a good piano? These are the most commonly asked questions for beginners. Because we can not try to play, so there are two key points to choose the piano:

Blowing mouth to smooth and supple, not rough, so as to avoid scratching the corners of the mouth, the choice of the piano can be used fingers, in the mouth around the back and forth friction, choose more difficult to hurt the mouth of the harmonica.

The taste of the harmonica, some of the harmonica is thicker, including, as if containing a corn, this is not a good harmonica, the thickness of the harmonica should be moderate, not too thick, so as not to affect the play.

Left: too thick right: thinner

Black Line for reference baseline

The material of the harmonica directly affects the timbre and maintenance of the harmonica, except for the reed, the biggest difference is in the piano lattice, which is roughly divided into three kinds:

Advantages and disadvantages of piano grid material price description
Beautiful and easy to maintain metal timbre
Expensive price
The adjustment is not homogeneous high advanced beginner can
Wood timbre is not easy to maintain the use of advanced users
Plastic easy to maintain
Low price tone slightly lower beginners use
So beginners in the selection of harmonica, it is best to choose a 24-hole or 21-hole plastic piano, and also pay attention to not too thick body, and the piano will not scrape mouth for the best choice.

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