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How to choose the harmonica
Aug 21, 2017

Beginners often face a problem: the face of dazzling, a wide variety of harmonica, do not know how to choose, buy what kind of harmonica, suitable for their own, sound quality, cost-effective and high.
In this, learning harmonica music network from the categories, tone, price, brand, and so on, respectively, for everyone to read, convenient for everyone to buy.
1. Type:
In the classification of the harmonica in the above chapter, we learn that the harmonica can be divided into: 10 hole harmonica, polyphonic harmonica, half scale harmonica, alto harmonica and so on 8 kinds. Among them, only 10 hole harmonica, polyphonic harmonica, half scale harmonica belongs to the solo harmonica, the others belong to the ensemble harmonica, not suitable to play alone, and the price is more expensive. The half scale harmonica is expensive, the study difficulty is more complex, the suggestion novice buys cautiously.
Finally, only 10 hole harmonica and polyphonic harmonica are left, which can be considered by beginners.
Polyphonic harmonica is one of the most common and common harmonica in our country, have a broad mass base. 10 hole harmonica in Europe and the United States more popular, in recent years, has been relatively fast development, more and more users. In contrast, it is relatively easy to get started with polyphonic harmonica. When you choose, you can see more than 2 kinds of harmonica introductions and play video to make the right decision
2. Modulation
The harmonica is divided into C-tune a tune a total of 12 kinds of modulation, specific can refer to the tune of the harmonica. The novice directly buy C-tone, C-tone sound relatively pleasing, versatile. Learned the C-tone, you can according to their own needs hobbies, and then choose other tone. Generally, when purchasing online, not special reminders, the general Store basic default C-tone.
3. Price
Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the quality and timbre of the harmonica.
The 200-yuan harmonica may be 20% higher than the 100-yuan harmonica, and the 400-yuan harmonica is 200 higher than 10%. That is, for the sake of 10%, it will cost 1 time times more.
For the economic conditions can be friends, you can choose a high price. Economic friends do not have to panic, after all, only 10% of the difference, as long as the playing level superb, will not have too much impact.
Special reminder is, want to achieve more professional performance, 45 yuan below the harmonica, do not consider, when the toy play can, used to seriously learn to play may therefore waste too much energy.
4. Brand
More well-known brands have Japan's Tong Bao, Germany's and come, China's most oriental and so on.
Above 4 points, after reading, the heart should have a basic judgment, but also judge not out, simply in this range casually choose a, after all, superb harmonica skills, more important than Qin.

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