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How does the blues 10 hole harmonica practice the high-pitched area?
Aug 23, 2018

How does the Bruce 10 hole harmonica practice the high-pitched area? How to get the best results from this zone. This sound zone is pure and sweet.

Playing a solo. Although the treble of the blues harmonica is more powerful than the bass, but the sweet sound of the harmonica needs to be sweet.

More precise control.

Start with the C sound and play each tone of the high range in turn. Don't worry if the scales sound inaccurate, because the sounds in the high range are not arranged in standard scales.


The blues ten-hole harmonica is an important blowing technique that can be used in many songs. The term simply means that you have to skip a sound hole to play the next one.

Sound. This technique requires you to move the harmonica quickly through a sound hole, but at the same time you can't pronounce the sound hole. This technique is used in this exercise.


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