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How do the Harmonica for Beginners play?
Mar 26, 2018

At present, there are many different types of harmonica. The solo harmonica can be roughly divided into three types: the harmonic harmonica, the chromatic harmonica, and the ten-hole blues harmonica. The polyphonic harmonica is used by many people because it is cheap and easy to buy. Therefore we need to choose a suitable beginner harmonica according to our own situation.

Second, before learning the harmonica for beginners, we suggest that you first learn some knowledge about music theory, especially pay attention to training, develop your own listening ability, sense of rhythm, and understanding of the content of music. To do this: Not only can you accurately hear monosyllables, but you must also learn to listen to third, fifth, and octave chords.

harp harmonica.JPG

Third, when learning the harmonica for beginners, learners must learn the correct playing posture. You must know that the correct posture must not only have beautiful instruments, be upright, straighten, and straighten your chest and abdomen, and you must relax your body, hands naturally with the harmonica, Your eyes and face must be natural and lively, and you should be rich with the ups and downs of music. Expression, should not use the foot or nod to beat in the playing process.

Next, learn how to learn luck. Usually when learning a harmonica for beginners, the respiratory process is the use of chest, diaphragm, and abdominal muscles to control the breathing together. At the same time, we must also learn to change the air, and we should design in advance where the music should be ventilated, and use the mouth and nose to breathe together. In short, the harmonica for beginners should start from simple and easy to learn in the course of learning, and step by step.

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