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How do beginners choose harmonica
May 23, 2018

Seeing that there are many online first-time harmonicas who consulted to purchase harmonica, I personally think that beginners should not start from stress, mainly because most of the quality and variety of domestically-accented harmonica will not work, and the harmonica that is sold in most musical instruments is inferior. The problems of pitching and air leakage are serious. Second, only the C and #C stress is rare. Because the existence of these problems will seriously affect the process of learning in the future, in fact, as long as you step by step to learn the normal polyphonic harmonica, and then to play the stress will be more than adequate.

I think the first harmonica to buy C tune, after learning the basic skills of a cutting piano, the second harmonica should be selected # C tune, learn a good lift and then buy another tune. In order to think about buying a harmonica again, you already have some experience.

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