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Hohner Blues Harmonica Shopping Reference
Apr 28, 2018

There are many harmonica manufacturers, each of which will provide a different type of harmonica. As a beginner, maybe it is being played among various harmonica.


Hohner in Germany is the world's largest harmonica producer. The harmonica he uses is made by Hohner. Of course, Hohner's harmonica also has different models. Here are five of them.


The Marine Band is the most famous harmonica. Most of the prominent harmonicaists used this harmonica in the past. This is still the case. The piano has a wooden piano, and the tone is gentle and beautiful. Due to the special fixing method of the wooden box and the springboard, some beginners will feel uncomfortable lips when playing.


In the 1980s, Hohner began making harmonica for plastic pianos. Putting on the lips, the harmonica will be more comfortable and it will quickly become popular. The Special 20 harmonica is the choice of many professional musicians. The size of the harmonica is basically the same as that of the Marine Band, but the tone is somewhat special, partly because the cover shape of the Special 20 is different from that of the Marine Band.

Big River is made by Hohner with the Modular Series process, which is compatible with the springboard, grille, and cover plate of other harmonica models in the MS system. Big River is a plastic piano with a loud sound and is larger than the Marine Band and Special 20, but the price is lower than they are.

The above models are great instruments, and each model has its own characteristics. For beginners, the plastic cell is very comfortable to touch with the lips, so we recommend using Big River or Special 20.

The Marine Band, Special 20 and Big River are manufactured in Germany and then imported into China. Perhaps these instruments may have exceeded the budget for many friends.

Hohner also makes harmonica in China, including Silver Star and Happy Color Harp. Silver Star looks like a Special 20, a plastic piano cover, but its price is much lower than that of Special 20. Of course, the Silver Star's performance cannot be compared to Specail 20 in some aspects, but if it can afford it, it is also an instrument that can be used to play.

The cover of Happy Color Harp is plastic, so its price is lower than Silver Star. However, due to the excellent reed production, the timbre is very pleasant. Happy Color Harp is harder to use than Silver Star, and its performance is not as good as Marine Band, Special 20 and Big River. However, using the Happy Color Harp may still play beautiful music. If you can only afford Happy Color Harp, go straight and buy one to experience the pleasure of playing.

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