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Harmonica experience sharing
May 04, 2018

Whether it is playing classical music or modern pop songs, if it is just a dry sound, it will give people a dull feeling. This raises the question of how to improve the expressiveness with the method of changing tone color. With the accompaniment, the effect of the climax can be achieved by the change of the accompaniment. However, when you use the harmonica, most of them are solos, and they want to improve their performance. Besides the players themselves, they need certain skills. So you need to change the tone in the right place.

Tremolo harmonica are commonly used to tone about the several kinds: single tone embouchure (bending), polyphony embouchure (mono), polyphony embouchure (air accompaniment, the size of the accompaniment), chord (3, 5 degrees, broken chord), violin, hand shake...

Notice the difference in these tones. Here are a few of the most commonly used changes in music:

At the beginning of the song, a single tone is usually used to begin the climax with a calm beginning. In the excessive part (usually in the 3rd and 5th phrases, the chord is marked by a chord). In the first half of the sentence, it is better to go back to the compound tone. At the climax. The upper part of the sentence should be repeated, and the volume should be strengthened to give prominence and to use and sound in accordance with the situation.

The first half sentence of the climax is used and the sound, the second half is best to turn back to the single tone, and the pressure sound. Such a sudden turn, the harmonica of the single tone, in the rhythm of the melody of the push and the foundation, the sound of the melodious sound of the music to reach!

At the end, usually a few of the three degrees of the polyphonic sound, and finally the end of a long sound of the violin.

Upbeat music can also end with a 3 or 5 degree and a sound.

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