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G Harmonica practice skills
Jan 06, 2018

First of all, we should buy a suitable G harmonica. Although this type of harmonica is superficially a "mono" harmonica, it actually has more variation skills and is more powerful than any other type of harmonica. Not only for solo but also for accompaniment. In other words, G harmonica belongs to a more practical harmonica.

harmonica blues  .JPG

G Harmonica learning skills is still relatively easy to grasp, we also need to prepare a textbook, but should also maintain good patience. And in any case have to find out the scale and blowing characteristics of the piano.

In addition, we can also prepare a few relatively simple song, when learning, may wish to try the "monophonic method." The unique feature of this method is that the lip is aligned with one of the articulation holes of the G harmonica. Of course we can adapt ourselves to a simpler song. So practice more familiar, you can lip alignment two sound holes to blow or suck, so you can quickly and accurately find the scale you want to play.

When the above method is well-known, we can begin to experiment with the "new monophonic method." Since this technique is based on the G-Harmonica monophonic method, we must first grasp the basic method.

Often, when you're able to perform with the frontal accompaniment skillfully with the G-Harmonica, that means you've mastered the basics of the harmonica

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