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Echo Tremolo Harmonica playing method and operation requirements
Jul 11, 2018

The portamento of the echo harmonica mainly refers to the method of sliding from one sound to another. The effects are like the slides used in wind instruments and string instruments. This is the echo harmonica. Because of the unique skill of other reed instruments, its sound effects. It is natural, smooth and malleable, and is used for playing pop music, jazz, blues music, etc. The portamento is divided into upper sliding sound and lower sliding sound.


Echo harmonica harpsichord and blues harmonica When you play the portamento, the lip is reduced by a single hole during the operation. The polyphonic harmonica is the upper and lower double reeds, and the lower lip is used to cover the next row of blow holes. A single hole can be. During the performance, the airflow is slowed down, and the lips are relaxed and tightened, so that the reeds are pressed down, resulting in a downward sound (usually a second to the second degree).


The upper glide of the echo harmonica is opposite to the action of the glide. Start to tighten the lips, use the gas to be anxious, so that the harmonica is pronounced two degrees lower or seconder than the normal pitch of the sound hole, then relax the lips. At the same time, the breath slows down and the sound slides up to the normal pitch of the hole.

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