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Difference between g diatonic harmonica and C harmonica
Jul 06, 2018

Music has a small and small tone, with a major tone of 135 and a minor of 613. The diatonic harmonica is the same. The harmonic sequence of the harmonica is GABCDEF, which means that the g-tone full-tone harmonica is lower than the overall pitch of the C-tunnel.


g The tuning of the diatonic harmonica is determined by the arrangement of the scales. Except for the midrange, the scales of the high and low ranges are very messy. However, such an arrangement can easily blow out the major decomposition and sound. g The diatonic harmonica and the C tuning have the same scale, but the overall pitch is reduced. You use the C tuning to blow the same song, and then use the g tuning to blow the piano. You will find the overall pitch of the latter. 2 full and one semitones lower than the former.


The main tone of the C harmonica is do, the scale of the scale is different, and the main tone of the g-tone harmonica is sol. In fact, the g-tone full-tone harmonica is a polyphonic harmonica, and its number of holes is as small as 21 to 28 holes. In order to more easily change the harmonica of different tones, several single-sided polyphonic harmonica will be stacked and played together for transformation. tone.

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