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D diatonic harmonica introductory tutorial and precautions
Mar 03, 2018

D diatonic harmonica in the process of using its method of operation is very important, on the harmonica's basic law, each teacher will have a set of good ideas, as long as the operation does not affect its tone can not Its rigid rules,

D-tone diatonic harmonica entry tutorial

1. The point is that the left hand grips the center of the body with the tiger's mouth. The other four fingers are as close together as possible. The palm curls into a sound chamber and is placed behind the body.

2. Right hand to thumb and index finger twist live right piano edge, the other four fingers are also close together as possible, two palms echo each other, and similar to the distant call in general.

Left and right wrist should be free to move around at the same time, but do not let the arm also move with.

4. We should pay special attention to is: do not immediately wrap the left palm behind the piano body. And the four fingers and the harmonica was parallel to the direction, so that you can set aside a lip that can play the glide path.

5 shoulders naturally drooping do not stiff, slightly inward within the arms edges will not move around everywhere, whether standing or sitting position, the upper body should be straight and not bent over, legs wide open and shoulder width, relax The muscles, kept ready for the state of elasticity.

6. Another point to note is that, when playing the harp, we recommend beginners do not move their mouths, move the harmonica by hand, not to drive the piano with the mouth.

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