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Composition of 24-hole children's harmonica
Jul 31, 2018

The 24-hole children's harmonica is a kind of polyphonic harmonica, and it is also a harmonica that has a dominant position in the domestic children's harmonica market. After mastering the playing skills of this 24-hole children's harmonica, we can perform solo or ensemble. The sound is beautiful and the volume is loud. The reeds on the upper and lower grids are the same, but the atmosphere is not due to the production and playing. Similarly, the vibrations of the upper and lower holes are not exactly the same.


Therefore, this harmonica can produce distinctive vibrato in the performance, very pleasant. Normally, the structure of a 24-hole children's harmonica is divided into upper and lower compartments. Each reed is a homophone, and the volume emitted is louder than that of a monophonic harmonica. Its main component, the reed, is arranged on the bottom plate and made of metal material. The thicker and longer the sound is lower, the thinner and shorter the higher the sound, the sound of the air sucked by the blow vibrates.


The 24-hole children's harmonica is usually made of plastic. The internal structure has many plastics. It is sandwiched between the bottom plates and forms many small square holes. Each hole is aligned with a reed and makes a sound.

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