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Comparison of three kinds of music harmonica from the perspective of gas volume and price
Feb 09, 2018

Now more commonly used in the market are three kinds of music harmonica, which are the chromatic harmonica, blues harmonica and polyphonic harmonica. Playing can also be found, these three kinds of music harmonica playing skills are different, the harmonica itself is also very different.


If the single from the minimum gas consumption, gas volume from small to large polyphonic harmonica, chromatic harmonica, blues harmonica. Because Bruce music harmonica each hole blow suction two reeds exist at the same time, but usually do not pressure when the sound is only one reed; so the other reed will inevitably leak, so its gas consumption is also three kinds of harmonica In the highest.


And from the price comparison of these three kinds of music harmonica, polyphonic harmonica cheaper, only a dozen yuan, but also easier to buy, but because of its own only fixed tone, so suitable for playing pop songs, classical music.


However, the advantages of a chromatic harmonica lie in a wide range of sounds, and the sixteen-hole chromatic harmonica can emit up to 64 tones, playing all the semitones and producing pure tones. In theory, if you are skilled enough to use it, you can play all of your tune's songs in a chromatic harmonica, which is perfect for playing a variety of musical compositions.


Bruce harmonica price of dozens of yuan less than small, easy to carry, you can rely on the pressure to obtain partial semitone, suitable for playing Bruce music, rock. Although this musical harmonica can play some other notes by pressure, it has far less power than a chromatic harmonica.

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