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Cleaning requirements and use advantages of the 37 key melodica
Dec 21, 2017

The tone range of the 37 key melodica is wider than the 32 - key sound field. 32 keys for younger learners, 37 keys for middle school or adult use. Of course, the 32 keys will be a little simpler, but the difference is not very big.

A 37 - key organ is an instrument that combines a keyboard with a play. The pronunciation principle of the product is the same as that of other common reed - tongue instruments, mainly the oral exhaled air flows into the piano body to push the reed to pronounce.

37 key melodica.JPG

37 key organ airflow size control sound strength. The keyboard arrangement is the same as the other keyboard instruments, according to the relationship between the twelve average law. Harmonica is a relatively inexpensive instrument that can learn knowledge. Learn to harmonica and then contact the keyboard instruments such as piano, flute and other playing instruments is not difficult.

37 key organ maintenance process is a headache. Mainly because children do not have self - control, they are not only blowing, but also often suck and play, which will cause other children in the piano saliva and germs sucked into the mouth of the user, causing cross-infection of disease. Bacteria from other users can also be left on the keyboard, causing the risk of spreading the disease. Harmonica belongs to personal instruments, suggest a hand, don 't public, don 't lend each other. Clean the body and pipe in time after use, and throw out the saliva in the body.

37 key organ if you can 't clean in time, with a long time, there will be a lot of saliva. This will not only corrode the parts in the piano, but also produce a large number of bacteria. In order to make the harmonica play its due role, parents must often help clean the harmonica. In today 's epidemic, only pay more attention to clean to ensure the healthy growth of children.

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