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Chromatic harmonica repair
May 18, 2018

As more and more users learn to play the chromatic harmonica, it is particularly important to maintain and maintain the diaphragm with the matching chromatic harmonica reeds. Because the price of the chromatic harmonica is generally high, especially the imported chromatic harmonica, the price is generally around RMB 1,000. During the course of use, cracks in the reed aging and deformation of the diaphragm are inevitable. This will be serious. Affect the playing performance of the harmonica. If the problematic chromatic harmonica is discarded, the overall budget cost of choosing a new violin plan will be very high.

In the case of the repair of the Hohner Chrometta 14 Chromatic Harmonica harmonica, the reeds and diaphragms are required to be repaired and maintained when the harmonica is used for a certain period of time. The maintenance of the chromatic chromatic harmonica of a certain user is shown in the figure. Take a photo.

Repair type: reed repair, diaphragm repair

Harmonica Model: Hohner Chrometta 12 C Chromatic Harmonica

Working time: 2 working days

The following is an example of repair of a Hohner Chromonica 270C Chromatic Harmonica. The photo shows a real shot of a user's maintenance of this chromatic harmonica.

Maintenance type: change spring repair, foil repair

Harmonica Model: Hohner Chromonica 270 C Chromatic Harmonica

Working time: 5 working days

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