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Chromatic harmonica playing method
May 04, 2018

For the beginners of chromatic harmonica, there is often a blowing fee, and the volume is not coming, or it is a distortion of the tone and so on. But there is no need to worry too much, which is a natural process for beginners. The reasons for this phenomenon can be summarized as:

1. Play of chromatic harmonica errors:

The average person would think that the harder you play, the more gas you use, and the volume increases. But in the actual situation is not the case, the reason is that the harmonica belongs to the reed instruments, sound is produced by the vibration of the reed, if gas mouth too hard, or is not correct, will affect the vibration of the reed, make them unable to achieve full vibration, thus makes the volume cannot give full play to, and difficulty pronouncing words.

Two, chromatic harmonica to play the method:

(1) the bass part of chromatic harmonica, the reed is longer, and the higher pitch is shorter, so there is a slight difference in the play. When playing bass, the mouth should be as relaxed as possible, with concentration, but not too hard, otherwise it will produce a seraphic phenomenon. As for the high-pitched part, it should be relaxed, not too tight or too fast, or it will produce a sharp falsetto in the metal, which is not correct.

(2) play the abdominal breathing method should be adopted, it is using the abdomen and chest for air blowing and suction action, is the air by the throat and direct reed, is playing out of timbre round and smooth, the volume is loud and control at will. If you can only play the harmonica with the encouragement of your mouth, imagine how much air you can have in your mouth to play. Not only the gas quantity is not enough, the gas is not stable, and the change of the mouth type causes the bad effect of pronunciation. So, for chromatic harmonica, you must use abdominal breathing.

Chromatic harmonica single notes playing, there are basically contains single-hole method with the method of porous contain two (and tremolo harmonica old single tone, new single tone method is the same), and their characteristics are different, in the next section to do a show with respect to its law and characteristics.

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