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chromatic harmonica organization and performance characteristics
Jan 16, 2018

Chromatic harmonica is improved from the traditional harmonica, which is the use of a clever button, which can be played in a harmonica up and down the semitone, if you do not press the button play is equivalent to the piano white key, press the button Increase the semitone immediately, equivalent to the black key.
So compared to ordinary harmonica, chromatic harmonica addition to ordinary tone also joined the chromatic harmonica does not exist in general, with a unique scale organization and a wide range, easy transfer, full of sound and tone change, coupled with playing method Continuously enriched, the chromatic harmonica is quickly promoted, not only to play lyric soft little tune, you can also like other instruments, playing difficult solos, concerto.
The current chromatic harmonica are ten holes, twelve holes, fourteen holes, sixteen holes four, of which twelve hole chromatic harmonica with more, because it has three groups of octaves and complete semitones , The arrangement is based on the order of the scales divided into four holes a set of eight degrees. The sixteen-hole chromatic harmonica range up to four full octaves containing semitones, but also easy to transfer or transfer, it is often used in the harmonica ensemble and multiple play.
 best tremolo harmonica  .JPGChromatic harmonica is a single tone spring sound, each hole in the piano at the same time blowing suction four sound exists, except for a few notes treble, each reed is covered with a film valve to prevent leakage . In addition to the basic knowledge of harmonica, but also need to master its purchase notice.
Buy chromatic harmonica must pay attention to the harmonica tone, there are C, D, E, F, G, A, B of these seven major major and C #, D #, F #, G #, A # these five additional tune. Chromatic harmonica can be regarded as two half-tone harmonica together, it is recommended beginners to buy a C-chromatic harmonica.

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