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Chord harmonica blowing process and the basic sound
Mar 08, 2018

Chord harmonica reed is mainly fixed on the seat plate, under normal circumstances the production of harmonica is its rivets or spot welding way to reed chord harmonica for the sake of easy maintenance, some people will seat plate processing, transformed into Fix the reed with screws.

Chord harmonica chromatic scale in its structure in addition to its spring, piano box, cover and seat plate, there will be a mouthpiece, spring and key slider, the seat plate sticky plastic film, which can effectively reduce the playing time Non-audible reed air circulation, increase gas density.

Chord harmonica in the process of blowing shells, its most basic function is to issue harmony, you can use zi8jei harmonica, the spring will be configured chord sound as a unit, each group by the 4 to 8 reed composition.

The chords harmonica, which is usually produced by a harmonica factory, may be a junior chord, a minor chord and a seventh chord. Depending on the model, an additional chord may be added and a chord may be added to the chord. Chord harmonica Due to structural limitations, chord harmonica can not be chordally transposed like a guitar or a piano.

d diatonic harmonica.jpg

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