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Bruce Harmonica Chat
Aug 21, 2017

I like music, I can play some simple 12 bar blues harmonica, using a 10-hole 20-tone blues harmonica, which is called harp in English. It was meant to be "harp" somehow. Today's Americans like to call the Blues harmonica harp.
 The Blues harmonica is different from the other harmonica, both in tone and appearance. Early players like to use their hands to cover the sound of this harmonica, only to emit "wah," sound. Today's performers have a lot of new tricks, either using the effect device or blowing the air to increase the chromatic. Can the harmonica most attracts me is its rustic "purring" sound, as if those silently laboring life low head slowly sings, the thought accompanies the wind the shadow from the corner scattered out, step by step tells own all ...

In fact, most black blues harmonica masters are very simple, not too much culture, far from the philosopher and modern art so unfathomable, but they have a moving rustic, it is a strong voice of life, let us these 21st century children also moved.
 I don't like to play pop songs with the blues harmonica, just like I hear the "Sweet Honey" played by the guqin.

I really heard the other day, everyone's point of view is different, let him go, that's it. The typical blues are mostly 12 bars and 3 chords, simply working and sleeping like my life.

The Blues harmonica technique is not complicated, and it is well suited to the 12-bar blues in the scale of the structure, especially in the more commonly used "sadness" of the music, which is particularly beautiful with the portamento of the Blues harmonica. Need such beauty in life, happy sentence or fast or slow walking, low head looking at the flat and dry stone road, looking for, feel, perhaps this is art. When it comes to blues, people who are familiar with the idea of Little Walter are the ones who fully demonstrate the charm of the harmonica in Chicago Blues.

I personally like the Chicago style of the music, it in addition to the Brewster some of the sadness, more free and easy, so that the harmonica has become the Blues band indispensable instruments, and the power of Bruce scattered into the hearts of countless blacks. Of course, we have these 21st century yellow people. There are also many masters of the Blues harmonica players, $date are old or absent, and today's performers are adept at playing the dazzle. As I bought a record of "Bluestraveler" (Bruce Traveler) The other day, the performer is a lovely fat man, his skill gives the harmonica a new look, but he still keeps the blues in common, intentions in the expression, never complete sadness, incomplete joy, not completely free and easy.

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