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Brief description of three kinds of solo harmonica
Nov 04, 2017

The harmonica is a very common instrument and is very popular. For now, the more common solo harmonica includes three types, namely, the tremolo harmonica, diatonic harmonica and chromatic harmonica. So, what are the characteristics of these three kinds of harmonica? Let's take a look at it.

First of all, we have to understand the main features of the tremolo harmonica. Analyzing from its structure, the middle fret is divided into the upper and lower rows, and the number of holes in each row includes 21 holes, 22 holes, 24 holes and 28 holes, etc. That is, the 21 hole harmonica, 22 hole harmonica, 24 hole harmonica and 28 hole harmonica. The vocal range of this solo harmonica is usually about three octaves.

In fact, for the harmonicas with different holes, the main difference is in the range. This is because the left and right direction of the solo harmonica is arranged in the air hole and the suction hole, there is only one sound per hole. And the sound of the upper and lower two holes in the same position is same , but when playing the treble, there will be subtle differences.

blues harp c  .JPG

The second so-called solo harmonica is the diatonic harmonica, which is also called the blues harmonica. It has ten holes and a single row, but it can blow twenty sounds when playing. That is, each hole contains the breath sound and the aspirated sound. As for the sound of the harmonica, it is relatively graceful and lingering, and in playing can better deduce the mood of the player.

The last solo harmonica is chromatic harmonica. Its structure is the most complicated in these three types of harmonica . However, it can blow all the semitone in the range, and each hole can blow four tones. So the 16-hole chromatic scale can blow a total of 64 tones.

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