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Blues 10 holes harmonica
Aug 16, 2018

The blues 10 hole harmonica's sound-dropping method is a basic blues ten-hole harmonica playing technique. If you really master this skill, you can improvise blues music.

By lowering a note by a semitone, the harmonica player can play a new sound with a low semitone. For example: playing the D sound down to D,

• Use the mouth to hold the sound hole 1. Normally inhale to play the D sound. Then prepare to lower the semitone to drop D.

• Lips, tongues squeezing backwards (as you are whistling), slightly tilting the harmonica downwards, increasing the sound of the sound hole 1 , and sure to use the diaphragm diaphragm.

Practice lowering D by a semitone until you are comfortable playing the D and D sounds back and forth. Note that the mark on the score on this score is: an arrow mark (↓) is placed below the sound hole 1. If you can't blow this semitone very quickly, don't worry. Dropping is a skill that you develop after practice. It also requires step-by-step practice.

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