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Blues 10 hole harmonica sheet music
Aug 30, 2018

Most scores do not include the scores of the blues ten-hole harmonica, so if you want to learn new songs through the score, you must learn to understand the standard scores. After you are familiar with the various sounds on the harmonica, you will be able to "play with the music." Even so, learning to read the spectrum will still make you comfortable in your playing career.


The score of the blues ten-hole harmonica is a worldwide language composed of notes and symbols. These notes and tokens are written on a staff that consists of five line spectra and four lines. The symbol at the beginning of the following spectrum is called the treble clef. This clef is also called the G clef because the convoluted part of the clef is exactly the second line from the bottom to the top of the staff, and this line represents the G sound. Let's take a look at the twenty notes of the C harmonica recorded on the staves and harmonica.

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