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Blue harmonica production process and model
Apr 16, 2018

The volume of the blue harmonica is usually about 10cm in length. To a certain extent, the individual signals are slightly larger or smaller. The common blue harmonica is similar to the rectangle, and the individual models are ship types. The main structure is a piano. Grid, two leaf springs, two cover plates.

The blue tone harmonica will be effective to a certain extent according to the difference in the position relationship between the piano and the spring plate, to a certain extent can be effectively divided into splint type and inline type, Qin grid commonly used materials are: resin, wood, metal, bamboo , Acrylic, other synthetic materials, etc.

In the process of making blue harmonicas, the wood is more common, and various woods are commonly used in the production. The first harmonica adopts xylophone lattice, and the xylophone lattice is also loved by many harmonica lovers. However, due to the easy absorption of water by the wood cell, the long-term immersion will affect its life, because it is not suitable for beginners who cannot actively suppress saliva.

The blue harmonica uses a metal harmonica to a certain extent. The ten-hole harmonica is less than the resin and xylophone. Under normal circumstances, such harmonica is generally more expensive, and the harmonica weight is also heavier than using other piano elements. Metal grids often use aluminum, there are also a small number of manufacturers using copper and DIYer to produce titanium grids.


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