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Bending skill in studying 10hole harmonica
Sep 28, 2017

The 10hole harmonica is mainly represented by 10 holes on it. Although its structure is relatively simple, but it has a strong expression. Moreover, in the process of playing, it often takes great effort from feeling. Besides, some skills are still relatively simple in learning, such as hand vibration, wow, pipa, after pat, accompaniment and forehand accompaniment.

As a beginner, in the early stages of learning, it is likely to face such a difficult problem. In fact, it is also one of the most troublesome operating skills in the process of learning 10hole harmonica- bending, in the course of learning, many people are often at a loss what to do about it.


In practicing the 10hole harmonica, we first need to pay attention to the mouth. Note that it is better to cover your upper lip with half of the harp cover, and then lower your lips against the comb, this leaves enough room for movement of the tongue and air in the mouth.

The second point need to pay attention to is to grasp the breath. Usually when playing the 10hole harmonica, the use of breathing techniques, also called abdominal breathing, mainly refers to the use of the belly breathing.

In addition, one of the problems that needs to be paid attention to is to grasp the inclination of the 10hole harmonica. In fact, when holding the harmonica, the specific gestures can according to their own preferences to determine, however, when you bending, you need to change the pitch by tilting it.

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